Once upon a time Ross and I wanted to sell everything we owned, go live in a van down by the river, and just travel… changing the world one interview or random act of craziness at a time where ever the whirlwinds dropped us...

   Well we have come to a sort of cross-roads in our lives where old age brings on a type of reality that can change your priorities pretty quickly. But by making some tough decisions about what and who to hold on to and let go of in order to keep getting healthier and happier PERSONALLY... Ross and I have decided to take things in a slightly new direction...

The Plan Thus Far...

There's stuff we've had to let go of, stuff we just have to keep and all sorts of new stuff. Here's a FEW things you can expect for sure!


  • The Angel Network... aka "Kellie's List"
  • Art Against Apathy
  • Survivalism Talk/Training
  • Deadtimes (horror_w_heart)
  • New Columns and Bloggers
  • Poetry Corner
  • Featured Interviews
  • SOON! ( finally) offering advertising on site



The Best Part!

Unhurt is simply a new beginning…  a new hope, and a mission reborn. Since I’ve started emerging from my shell again we’ve been meeting some really brave and inspiring young talents and souls yearning to be heard and I’m excited to help provide a commonplace platform while still being able to do a lot of what we've already done…

now with zombies, pop culture, music, art, and “God” talk all in one place. 

Being The Change

By pulling the official network heads and true helpers of humans together outside mainstream social media, away from drama, fake news, and political/class warfare, we can work side by side in building something secure from the ground up for the people who need it by the people who have it... We’ve all been doing it for years in one form or another, for one reason, one person or another. Time to set up in every area code across the country and come together as separate but connected communities, each doing our own thing but working together to keep every child safe, every person fed, every grandparent and veteran cared for.

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